Do You Use Social Media for Conversation or Complaining?

I love the ability to talk to people from around the world via social media. When something happens in the world, I can talk about it with my friends and family, but getting out of that microcosm to read opinions and thoughts from others who have very different perspectives excites me. Seriously, I get all tingly when I think about debating with someone who lives on the other side of the world. And who doesn’t love a little tingle?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find that conversation amid the useless chatter. I’m not talking about status updates about the state of your tuna fish sandwich (I actually think those have some value, but that’s a post for another day). I’m talking about…well…complaining.

Okay, sometimes I complain. I can be Miss Grumpypants sometimes, as my friends will confirm.

But when did the Internet become a virtual dumping ground for everyone to piss and moan about everything? Well, maybe a better question would be what wasn’t the Internet used for this purpose…but that’s not the point. My point today is that we should be better than that. Just because everybody does it doesn’t mean it’s right! New media (social media, blogging, etc.) has the great possibility to open up dialogue about nearly any topic out there, but instead of lively debate, we often misrepresent ourselves and just…bitch.

Take last month’s Facebook changes, for example. I wrote a post on BlogWorld asking people to stop complaining because it wasn’t doing any good. The first comment that post got? Someone complaining. Seriously. It’s not about agreeing with everything I say or everything anyone says. It’s about being constructive with your comments.

Talk about what you don’t like and why you don’t like it. Be logical. Be passionate. Be ready to offer solutions to support your argument. That’s the kind of lively debate that makes social media so amazing.

We all get to be grumpy from time to time. Just try to avoid complaints that don’t accomplish anything. Voice your opinions, but add to the conversation in a respectful, interesting way. Otherwise, you’re just cluttering the Internet like a troll zombie. And no one wants that.

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