How Zombies Look at Blog Stats (and Why This is a Costly Mistake)

Zombie or not, bloggers who want to make money have to monitor their stats at least a little. I personally love stats, but you don’t have to obsessively check them every hour if you want to be successful. What you do have to do is understand that stats you’re seeing. Success is relative…and so are stats.

When you look at your states, try to see more than just a dip or rise. Try to actually understand the potential and how your blog is doing in comparison. I believe that one of the mistakes blog zombies makes is relying solely on numbers with no frame of reference. This mistake could be costing you thousands in profits every year – and you don’t even realize it!

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you decide to sell a new ebook on your site. Ebooks are an awesome way to make money with a blog. In preparation for selling your ebook, you decide to follow a launch plan endorsed by one of your favorite a-list bloggers. You follow every step exactly, and when you launch your new ebook, you sell 1,000 copies for $10 a pop. That’s pretty freaking good, especially when you look at your sales stats from your last product launch – a measly 50 sales on launch day. So, the a-lister formula was totally a success! Right?


There was obviously some pretty excellent advice in there. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have seen such a jump in sales. However, by blindly following advice without questioning any part of it, you might have been shooting yourself in the foot. After all, how happy would you feel about your sales if I told you that had you done everything perfectly, you would have sold not 1,000 copies but 10,000 copies?

When you’re given a “rule” to blogging, especially when it concerns monetization, question it. It goes back to what I was saying yesterday – learn from the stars in the blogging world, but take action…and make sure that action you take makes the most sense for your blog, remembering that others who have found success weren’t in the exact same situation that you’re in right now.

Do some split testing. I know that sounds a little daunting, but you don’t have to do anything fancy with your website to make it happen. Just be diligent with trying new things and watching to see how your stats react. Even better – ask your readers directly what they want. Big-Name Blogger A says you need to do this and Big-Name Blogger B advocates that, but chances are good that neither of these bloggers are actually your target market. What does your community say? What do they want?

And what do you want? Sometimes, your stats aren’t the most important thing in the world – even if those stats are recording your earnings. Don’t get so wrapped up in what will make you the most money that you lose sight of the big picture, the reason you’re a blogger and not a doctor or lifeguard or chef – you’re a blogger because you love running a blog, not those other things. When you have to compromise what you love about your job as a blogger, is it really worth it the additional money you’ll make?


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