The Hard Truth No One Wants to Face About Freedom of Speech

It really bugs me when people say jerk things while hiding behind “freedom of speech.”

Because there’s something about freedom of speech that we’re all ignoring. It’s there in the corner of our eye, but we choose to look away. We will ourselves to forget, and we live our lives content with the fact that we don’t remember something very important.*

What we’re all choosing not to look in the eye is that freedom of speech isn’t a fact of life. We aren’t born with it, like skin or hair, and it isn’t guaranteed for any human. It can be taken away, and no one really has to give it back to you. Someone can’t change the fact that you breath (without killing you at least), but someone can censor you. Pretty easily, actually.

If you live in the United States or another Westernized country, chances are that your freedom of speech is protected by law. But laws can be changed. Freedom of speech is not a law of nature, like gravity. Human beings created law because we like order. Our laws are not a fact of life,  and they only exist when those in power allow them to exist.

And that’s why it bothers me when people use their freedom of speech to be hateful, cruel, or ignorant. We’re incredibly lucky to have the ability to speak our minds, and it’s a freedom we might not have forever.

Words are extremely powerful. How will you use yours? Will you use yours to be an ass on some forum you like to troll? Or will you use yours to make a difference, even a small one, in the world?

*If you get all the Doctor Who references at the beginning of this post, we’re bff. This post is not about DW, but sometimes I just can’t resist.


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