Why I Don’t Count Words On My Blog

One of the features of WordPress that I simultaneously love and hate is the word count ticker, that little constantly-updating reminder at the base of the post form that tells you, as you are typing, just how many words you’ve written. I’ve written forty-four. Forty-five. Forty-six.

For some blog zombies, it’s become a bit of an obsession. I’ve listened to people having entire debates on just how many words to include in each post. I’m all in favor of intelligent conversation, but really, it seems like a weird things to spend a long time debating.

I can tell you exactly how many words to include in your post: the number you need to write something spectacular.

I’m not the first person to say that and I won’t be the last, but I think it deserves the mention here at Blog Zombies. Focus on the content and make it sparkle. If you think you have too many words, don’t sweat it. A great post never has too many words. There is definitely such a thing as rambling, but if you’ve edited your post well and it still takes you 4,000 words to get your point across, hit the publish button with pride, my friend!

You’ve heard of quality over quantity, right? Usually, that means that even if you have too few of something, if quality is there, it doesn’t matter. Well “quantity” in this case means that you should stop worrying about having too many words, as long as they’re the right ones. Most of my posts just naturally fall between 700 and 1200 words, but I don’t think it really matters as much as it matters that I’m giving the readers the best post possible.

And while we’re at it – a post can’t have too many links, too many pictures, or too many anything else. If you’re creating content that is as valuable as possible, don’t worry about breaking any silly blogging “rules.” Who wrote those damn rules anyway?

I don’t count words on my blog because my posts – every one of them – are worth reading to the end. If I have a post that’s super long and can be broken int multiple posts as a series, I’ll do it if it makes sense. I respect my readers’ time. Otherwise, I simply focus on making every word perfect.

Do you care about word count? Would you stop reading a blog because its posts were too long? How long, on average, are posts on your blog?

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