Zombies Will Fuck You Up

Woah. I used the f word. That’s how serious this post is. Because blog zombies (the people, not this site) will FUCK YOU UP. Not mess you up. Not screw you up. No other word will work in this situation.

Blog zombies wouldn’t be so threatening if they were all unsuccessful, no-name bloggers. A large number of them are, but the fact of the matter is that some zombie bloggers do find success on some level. Just because you get traffic or make money online doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good blogger. A lot of crappy people are successful in this world. In my opinion, that’s not what blogging is about. To me, blogging is about finding success in a traditional way (traffic, money, etc.) while also doing something that both makes you happy and makes a difference in the world.

But I digress. The point of this post is to warn you: zombie bloggers, especially those blogging in the new media niche, will fuck you up. Seriously. How? With their bad advice.

Blog zombies are always huge fans of dishing out advice, and unfortunately, in their zombie world, there’s no room for other methods, opinions, or ideas. If you don’t follow what they say, you’re an idiot. If you try something new, you’re stupid. If you deviate at all from what they think a blogger should be, you’re someone that the entire blogging community should shun.

Some of them will even call you out on your perceived stupidity by attacking you via social media or blog posts.

Isn’t there room for all of us? If you aren’t hurting anyone or breaking any laws, shouldn’t we all feel free to try new things, even if others think they’re bad ideas?

It’s a big world with a lots of possibility. Sometimes, I think we forget that blogging, social networking, and everything else in new media is so very new. This is a young industry, and frankly, we don’t really know what works yet. We’re all still learning. And the a-listers out there who are really making a difference are the bloggers willing to try new things, not blindly follow the advice of what has worked in the past.

I think it’s super important to learn from people who are finding success in this industry. There are a lot of really smart cookies out there. I just think it is dangerous when you follow everything someone says without questioning what is best for you. It becomes sort of like a cult.

It can kill your chances of every rising above and being a star in your niche. It can fuck you up. If you’re wondering why you’ve plateaued in your niche, maybe it’s because you need to stop listening to what everyone says you should do and how everyone says you should blog and start drawing your own conclusions instead. What works for me may not work for you, so if you don’t question my advice, I’m gong to hold you back.

And if someone giving you advice doesn’t encourage you to question what they are saying and alter their advice to make it work for you, maybe you should think twice about following them so religiously. Don’t like the blog zombies of the world stop you from achieving greatness.

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